18.0HP – 22.0HP

Equipped with a host of features, the T-Series can satisfy the most demanding homeowners. That’s because their hydrostatic transmission, deep mower deck, sleek design, and choice of engines make them ideal for a wide range of residential jobs.

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Features of the T Series

High-back Seat (Standard on T2080 and T2380)

Our deluxe high-back seat adjusts easily to accommodate different size operators. “Cushion Ride” suspension helps keep you comfortable and reduces fatigue.

Cushion Ride Suspension (Standard on T2080 and T2380)

Kubota’s exclusive “Cushion Ride” suspension system, located in the tractor fender, is yet another industry first. This feature’s design utilizes two spring-loaded shocks connected to the operator’s platform, providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride.

Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission (HST) makes operating the T-Series easier and more precise than ever. A single pedal controls both speed and direction changes quickly, without shifting or clutching. This system keeps your hands free for precise steering at all times, which is especially important when maneuvering around trees and shrubs or working in confined spaces.

Cruise Control (Standard on T2080 and T2380)

The T-Series’ cruise control feature allows you to maintain a constant mowing speed once you have reached the desired speed. You can also reach the desired speed by pulling or depressing the cruise control knob.

Easy Mower-lift Lever

Press the button on top of this conveniently located lever to release the mower deck and raise or lower as needed.

Cutting Height Adjustment

Adjusting the mower deck’s cutting height is easy with Kubota’s simple dial-type design. Just reach underneath the operator’s seat and turn the control dial.

Quick-attach V-Frame

The new T-Series seven-bushel grass catcher enables efficient grass catching without the use of a blower thanks to Kubota’s innovative Infinity Deck. Built to complement the grass catcher, the Infinity Deck’s blades are the sole power source for the catcher. The deck’s design makes attaching the boot to the deck easy. The catcher bin is also easy to attach due to the newly developed V-Frame.