DM1000/ DM2000/ DM3000/ DM4000/ DM5000

Kubota’s extensive range of mounted and trailed disc mowers were specifically developed for the North American market. This range of disc mowers is durable, yet still features a light weight design. With working widths ranging from 5’6″ to 13’1″ there is a machine for every customer. Along with Kubota’s fully welded cutterbar and 3-blade per disc, Kubota’s range of disc mowers can efficiently handle any crop condition.

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DM1017-  Effective and reliable performance field after field – featuring a 5’6″ working width, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar with spring-loaded BreakAway protection.

DM1022- Cut more forage faster with Kubota’s DM1022 disc mower – featuring a 7’2″ working width, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar.

DM1024- Kubota’s widest DM1000 Series disc mower extends your reach with a 7’10” working width, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar with spring-loaded BreakAway protection.


DM2028- Kubota’s DM2028 disc mower features a 9’2″ working width, Kubotas exclusive Non-Stop BreakAway System for cutterbar protection and immediate recovery back to working position when an object is struck in the field, and more

DM2032- Extend your working width up to 10’6″ with Kubota’s DM2032 – featuring Kubota’s exclusive Non-Stop BreakAway System.

DM3000/ DM4000

DM3087- Weighing only 3,000 lbs. and measuring 28’7″ wide, Kubota’s DM3087 center-suspended disc mower offers an ideal combination of low weight and large working width. This model is made for convenience, requiring a tractor with a minimum of 140 HP for an efficient pull, and designed with a vertical transport solution for narrow transport.

DM4032- Kubota’s DM4032 front-mounted disc mower is the tough, low weight and low horsepower solution for superior cutting and terrain adaptability. Weighing only 1,566 lbs. and with a 10’6″ working width, this model can be used by tractors with as little as 40 HP. It’s packed with high-efficiency features that are simple to set and easy to adjust


DM5032- Kubota’s DM5032 mower ensures productive mowing with a 10’6″ working width, fully-welded cutterbar and trailed design for excellent cooperation with low horsepower tractors.

DM5040- Featuring a 13’1″ working width, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar and a swivel hitch gearbox, Kubota’s DM5040 high-capacity, trailed disc mower offers both precision cutting and greater maneuverability in your field.