Disc Mower Conditioners


DMC8000/ DMC8500

Kubota is proud to offer our DMC series trailed mower conditioners ranging from 9’2″ to 13’1″ with left hand or center pivot drawbar options. Equipped with features such as a fully welded cutterbar, SemiSwing or chevron roller conditioners, independent active suspensionand FlipOver wide spreading, Kubota’s DMC8000 and DMC8500 series machines are ready to meet every request with exceptional performance.

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DMC8028T- Kubota’s DMC8028T features a high-capacity working width of 9’2″, SemiSwing steel tine conditioner for effective conditioning and fully-welded highly durable Kubota cutterbar. The result is one strong, efficient and maintenance-friendly hay tool.

DMC8028R- Designed to allow both the cutterbar and conditioning unit to float separately from the main chassis, Kubota’s DMC8028R provides the outstanding ability to follow a variety of terrain. This model features full width roller conditioning and Kubota’s 3-bladed cutterbar technology.

DMC8032T- A SemiSwing conditioner, low maintenance cutterbar, sophisticated suspension concept and 10’6″ working width make the Kubota DMC8032T a revolutionary haymaking machine.

DMC8032R- Equipped with a Chevron roller conditioner for delicate handling of fragile crops and a reliable, fully-welded Kubota cutterbar for long-lasting performance, Kubota’s DMC8032R, with 10’6″ working width, is both gentle and strong.


DMC8536T- Experience excellent maneuverability with Kubota’s DMC8536T equipped with a center pivot and swivel hitch headstock. This trailed mower conditioner covers more ground with an 11’10” working width and heavy-duty suspension system built for maximum flotation.

DMC8536R- Be gentle but firm with your crops this year with Kubota’s trailed mower DMC8536R featuring a Chevron roller conditioner — designed for delicate and efficient handling of fragile crops. The DMC8536R is up for the task with an 11’10” working width and fully-welded Kubota cutterbar.

DMC8540T- Take productivity to the next level with the 13’1″ working width of a Kubota DMC8540T, equipped with a fully-welded Kubota cutterbar, triangular discs with three knives each and a SemiSwing steel tine conditioner for maximum conditioning effect.