WR1100C/ WR1400M

Kubota’s versatile 4’x5’ turntable wrappers provide the features to decrease field time and increase silage quality. With the option to choose between Kubota’s WR1100, a 3PT turntable wrapper and Kubota’s WR1400, a trailed type wrapper. Kubota’s range of turntable wrappers proves to match the needs of both your tractor and farming operation.

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WR1100C- You work hard to produce and harvest quality forage. Protect your investment with Kubota’s WR1100C computer-controlled automatic bale wrapper. Equipped with a hydraulic film cutter and three-point mounted turntable wrapper, this model handles round bales up to 2,650 pounds and 47″ X 50″ in size – available with remote control! 


WR1400M- With its low profile design, Kubota’s WR1400M round bale wrapper efficiently works to better preserve your quality silage and hay. Choose between manual-cable or joystick controlled versions, both equipped to handle bales up to 2,650 pounds and 47″ X 50″ in size. Quality bales start here – forage forward with Kubota.