20.0HP – 21.0HP

Innovative technology. Advanced engineering. Plus the revolutionary “Glide Steer.” For professional results with tight turning radius and all wheel traction, no wonder the Kubota GR Series is unrivaled.

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Kubota GR Series MowersKubota GR Series MowersKubota GR Series Mowers

Features of the GR Series

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Powerful Engine

Tapping Kubota’s legendary heritage of quality engine design, the GR2120 is powered by a Kubota 21-horsepower, 3-cylinder diesel engine. The GR2020 has a 2-cylinder, high-performance gas engine. These engines generate a high torque rise that easily handles hours of heavy-duty mowing.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Weight Adjustment Dial

Standard-equipped on the GR-20 Series, the weight adjustment dial allows the operator to customize the seat suspension, optimizing comfort and travel smoothness.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Hydraulic Mower Lift Lever

Ergonomically positioned to the left of the operator, the hydraulic mower lift lever provides simple and almost effortless lift/lower operations of the mower deck.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Hydrostatic Power Steering

Soft-touch power steering enhances maneuverability, reduces fatigue, and makes operating both the GR2020 and the GR2120 nearly effortless.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
HST Transmission

Easily controlled by a single foot pedal, the HST provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Mower Deck

All GR mower decks are constructed of durable 10-gauge steel and designed with a 5-inch deep shell to assure professional and lasting results. With an easy to reach cutting height adjustment dial and hydraulic mower deck lift, your professional results just became easier to manage. For even finer clippings, an optional mulching kit is also available.

Kubota GR Series Mowers
Enhanced Durability

Starting with a 5/16-inch U-frame platform, every component from the ground up has been designed to provide significant durability for years of service. Hydraulic PTO and shaft drives are only a few farm tractor features that distinguish the GR from its competition.